The persistant growls to the NZTA by the WCB and us seem to have had a result, as bitumen was poured and rolled onto the substrate last Wednesday, although the orange ‘riot shields’ have been left there for whatever reason. We thought that artificial grass was going to be installed instead as in Mahara Place, but no. Those yellow pipes look similarly unrefined.

Complementing the grey concrete sidewalk to the right at the intersection with Te Moana Road is this lime green ‘cycle patch’ triangle which serves no purpose as the sidewalk is marked as a shared path (not that cyclists are seen using it, or the road.)
At the traffic lights the triangular ‘cycle patch’ has a retangular extension half way across the road — then it stops!?
This old patch of median concrete at the intersection would surely benefit from some beautification — the example below was seen in Maui, Hawaii. A lot better than old cracked concrete?