If you needed another reason to steer clear of electric vehicles, a recent social media post about the cost to repair one particular model might do the trick.

This story concerns the Rivian electric pickup truck, produced by a popular startup company whose customers have been known to wait up to three or four years for delivery of their new vehicle.

The Rivian R1T has a base price of $73,000.

In a recent Facebook post in a Rivian group, Chris Apfelstadt shared his experience with getting his EV repaired after a minor fender-bender.

“In early February, I was rear ended in my R1T,” he wrote in the April 29 post. “No airbags went off and the collision was at a relatively low speed.

“The other driver asked what kind of car I was driving, and my response was ‘the kind that is going to piss off your insurance company!'”

He hastened to add that he had just been making a joke — or so he thought. “We both laughed, and I told her about the brand,” Apfelstadt said.

But the joke turned out to be more prophetic than he knew.

The final repair bill totaled more than $42,000.

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