The script below covers the discussion from an on air radio talk show between John Tamihere and Tuku Morgan, on the ownership of fresh water in NZ.

Gaining ownership of New Zealand’s freshwater is the real agenda of tribal leaders — with Labour’s Three Waters reformation seen as the first step.

Last week, Waatea News talkback host John Tamihere interviewed the Chairman of the Waikato-based Tainui iwi, former MP Tuku Morgan, about the future of freshwater. It was clear from their on-air ‘chat’, that as far as tribal leaders are concerned,

Labour’s Three Waters changes are just a stepping-stone towards Maori ‘ownership’ of freshwater.  John Tamihere states: “We own the water”

Tuku Morgan: “Clearly, that’s the next issue to be addressed. The ownership of water is probably the most important issue of our time…

There are two ways we can do it. Litigate in the courts or go head-to-head in a set of negotiations in terms of the Crown and its treaty partners – tribes around the country.

We are preparing right now for that… As we settle Three Waters and work with the Crown to manage waterways and get certainty and confidence going forward, then we’ll push on with the most important issue to face Maoridom – the ownership of water.”

They plan to go after the electricity companies, with John Tamihere questioning the timing:

“To what extent do you have a conversation with the generators on the Waikato to say, ‘times up, there’s got to be a levy here’?”

Tuku Morgan acknowledged that time was coming – and he went on to mention meeting the Chair of Ngai Tahu and discussing their legal claim for freshwater ownership: “So they are in the Courts now…

We will get there, there is no doubt about that… If one of the tribes make up the ground we are pushing then all of us will benefit.”

In other words, a win for one tribe over freshwater rights will become a precedent for all tribes.

John Tamihere concluded the interview with speculation about October’s election. According to Tuku Morgan:

The Maori Party are in a very powerful position in terms of determining the face of the next Parliament and how Maori issues are to be addressed…

This is probably the most competitive election this country will see…

“Once the Maori Party becomes the kingmaker of the next government, you will see a more favourable climate for Maori…

The Maori Party will be at the vanguard of change in this country. If we get a right leaning government we’ll get killed.”

If the Maori Party is positioned as ‘kingmaker’ on election night, there is no two ways about it, Maori will gain ownership of New Zealand’s freshwater.

See also this article by Don Brash:

 “This view has been driven by Maori politicians such as Nanaia Mahuta, Willie Jackson and Kelvin Davis, greatly assisted by the gross ignorance about the Treaty on the part of too many political leaders, notably Jacinda Ardern and Chris Hipkins, both of whom when asked about the Treaty mumbled something about “partnership”. 

So: Vote ACT, National and similarly-minded parties likely to get more than 5% of total votes.

Water belongs to ALL New Zealanders — not just Maori Elites!

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