The Pfizer ‘vaccine’ should have been pulled from the market long ago.

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Order of Magnitude of Adverse Events off the Charts

Pfizer Appendix 2.2 Cumulative and Interval Summary Tabulation of Serious and Non-Serious Adverse Events from Post Marketing Data Sources BNT162-B2

These were not provided to me by Pfizer but through a source through the EMA. I have no reason to doubt this document. Treat it as you wish. Assuming this source through the EMA is providing an accurate document and it sure appears as such, a lot of horrific conclusions should follow. Spend time looking at it. Let the weight of the conclusions sink in.

Why are they sitting on disastrous data that shows their product is lethal and dangerous to health. Why are they even a publicly traded company. Can you trade in death and disease on this level and be on the stock exchange as a legitimate institutions of capitalism. Its like having a publicly traded company that allows you to hire their hit men for a fee.

I do not know how to estimate the under-reporting factor with this data. This data is reflective of December 19, 2021 to June 18, 2022.

Did Regulatory bodies have this and line people up like cans at a shooting range? If Blood disorders doesn’t get you, how about cardiac events. There are pages and pages of Congenital defects, genetic and familial disorders.

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