Satire by Boondecker from the BFD

by Amy Brooke on the Spectator Australia

This comment from a correspondent echoes what so many New Zealanders now feel. However, the fact that the Labour coalition even shows signs of actually being able to contest the next election is the most extraordinarily worrying fact of all.

We have long recognised that the fanatical Greens are scientifically illiterate, and Labour’s now Marxist agenda is increasingly obvious. This should come as no surprise to those watching the determined attack on our democracy spearheaded by Jacinda Ardern – in league with a small, but powerful minority of vocal part-Maori, apparently swollen with hubris – and now ramped up by the oh-so-personable Chris Hipkins.

However, that the newbie and inexcusably ignorant National Party leader Christopher Luxon has also fallen into the trap of embracing the CO2 global scam is unforgiveable.

 All our political party leaders are endorsing the folly of the war on coal – at a time when worldwide the recognition of the primary importance of fossil fuels in the growing energy crisis has grown.  While the major so-called pollutant countries such as India and China are increasingly showing their dependence on coal, we who were once regarded as one of the best countries in the world to live in are being perceived not as a lucky country, but basically a stupid and impoverished one, making seriously wrong choices, its people now under siege, subjected to increasing control and taxation.

Unfortunately, given the lack of intellectual firepower – or simply moral cowardice – by most of our MPs – for example, shown by the National Party (and possibly other party) members – who have not bought into the global warming con, but are not openly challenging an unpopular leader who seemingly does not tolerate dissent, ruling over his party as if he were still CEO of a large corporation.

What is in fact unforgivable is our continuing to buy into the Net Zero target – now well and truly abandoned by major parties overseas  –  given that what our small country does will not make a whit of difference to reducing the in fact non-existent burden CO2 places on the planet.  So the question has to be – why are our political parties backing this scam? They know very well it will load seemingly more compliance costs on New Zealanders right across the spectrum. Moreover, as the well-informed commentator Bryan Leland illustrates, under Net Zero plans, countries “have to generate many times more electricity than they can now to meet increasing demands from electric cars and electric heating and the shutdown of many coal gas-fired stations. Power prices will soar, making most things more expensive and there will be frequent blackouts.” We have already been warned by Transpower that that we will face blackouts this winter. This is completely unacceptable – and of course raises the question of why the Labour coalition is subsidising the switch from coal to electricity on such a massive scale.

Is this a case of sheer stupidity, or another instance of a basically Marxist government seeking to destroy the country? It is it is very difficult to view the Labour Party’s deliberately divisive policies, dating from the Ardern government’s time, as anything other than an agenda-driven attack on our democracy – which is when a totalitarian government steps in. 

Basically, endorsing the CO2 disaster scenario gives politicians a prime opportunity to control and tax the activities of New Zealanders. Power at the top, and money in the coffers to pay for initiatives with which many people do not agree. Why, for example, should New Zealander taxpayers have to pay to have babies aborted, when the horrendous nature of this act is anathema to so many? Why should New Zealanders have to give even more handouts to wealthy organisations of part-Maori individuals based not on need, but on greed – groups which are not supported by the majority of part-Maori?  Moreover, these continuing hands-out of accumulatively billions of dollars have diverted so much support away from the areas where the need is desperate – funding needed for our hospitals;  making available for Pharma the drugs which would help support so many people in dire need; funding desperately needed by our mental health services; getting at the bottom of why our education system has been so deliberately dumbed down by the Ministry of Education, more appropriately called the Ministry of Propaganda, which should be disbanded, with all its control of the schools and curriculum removed from its jurisdiction.

It is well and truly time, as has also been suggested elsewhere, that  individual members of Parliament were released from having to touch their forelocks to the party leader, and that the once proud independence of our supposed representatives –  far too many now representing only their own interests – was restored. Every vote should be a matter of conscience where MPs,  bound by a commonality of interest loosely grouping them into a party formation, should still be expected to cross the floor when they judge the leader’s  decision to be wrong. Instead, the parties have become an association of yes-men and women.

For example there must be even members of the Labour Party deeply concerned that the Department of Internal Affairs is releasing a so-called consultation document that has the gall to launch a further attack on a basic tenet of our democracy – the right to free speech.

Don’t be fooled by the fact that it is a so-called consultation document – it is highly doubtful that its instigators have any intention of taking notice of submissions, ignored in other Labour Party submission processes. This shockingly anti-democratic thinking is to establish a new ”Regulator” to survey online content,  monitoring what material and speech are going to be “allowed” on all social media platforms,  including blogs. Big Brother is certainly planned not just to watch us, but to punish us. Current fines of up to $200,000 are currently available to target those who do not comply with what our neo-fascists rule is not acceptable when they encounter non-compliance.

It is incredible to see how far our democracy has declined. Formerly the concept was that New Zealanders were governed by giving consent to those appointed as our representatives, and if legislation was envisaged, this must represent the views of the majority. It has now become a question of government versus the people, with the views of a small group of part-Maori extremists given priority over the views of all others. As has been noted elsewhere “the implications for the ability of the public to debate media questions would be seriously undermined by a Regulator in part designed to silence voices online.” And we would be extremely naïve not to recognise that the voices lined up for silencing would be those criticising the government. 

Equally horrendous is the Environment Minister David Parker’s  proposal to replicate the worst elements of the Three Waters unacceptable Co-governance planning. Under his ramped -up attack on New Zealanders rights, his thinking is to make things even worse in his envisaged replacing of the Resource Management Act, a ponderous 891 pages, to make sure that our councils will lose control of the water reforms which will be handed to 15 new co-governed Regional Planning Committees – undoubtedly with major control, giving them power over our own businesses, our land and houses, our water intake and everything else related to the RMA. And I in a now familiar scenario those IWI on the make will have the final say.

The intention has undoubtedly been to make the whole procedure as complex as possible and as the Taxpayers Union has pointed out, the rules will even allow David Parker himself to make his own appointments to the Regional Planning Committees to ensure that they dance to the government’s tune.  Of course unelected appointees from local iwi/hapu will be able to sit on the new Regional Planning Committees with full voting rights.

The list of completely unacceptable proposals includes a new “National Maori Entity” to put pressure on representatives to ensure they abide by the (non-existent) treaty principles. And they will, of course have priority over public consultation.

The list goes on. And we owe so much to groups such as the Taxpayers Union and the Free-Speech Association for doing what our now corrupt media are determinedly not publicising – what these proposals actually entail and the unforgivably and dangerously undemocratic initiatives that Chris Hipkins’s government, faithfully following the Ardern agenda, is happy to sponsor.

We are indeed finished if more New Zealanders do not wake up to what is happening, and to challenge all the political parties, their leaders and individual MPs, about their own support for the increasing attack on this country.

 We very much need individuals standing up to be counted, and aware of the moral responsibility to do so on the part of all who know that democracy that is not defended is finished.

How many of us really think we have the right to just leave it to those few who are fighting, as our own forefathers did – to defend our freedoms…?

© Amy Brooke

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