The submission to the Petition for a Royal Commission of Inquiry into Covid-19 Vaccine Injury

A Royal Commission of Inquiry is the most serious response to an issue available to the New Zealand Government. It investigates matters of great importance and difficulty.

A Royal Commission is engaged in fact-finding and preventing future recurrences. It investigates why the situation occurred and then recommends policy or legislative changes to prevent it from happening again.

Aly Cooke, a freedom fighter as well as a PR executive from Wellington, who also has a son suffering from Myocarditis due to the second dose of the Pfizer vaccine, created a petition requesting a Royal Inquiry into the Pfizer vaccine.

Aly presented her petition of 24,000 signatures to parliament asking for a Royal Commission of Inquiry into the Pfizer Vaccine.

This was accepted, and now she has now created an extensive Submission to the Petition to present to parliament.

​​​​​​​NZDSOS stands up to the Abuse of Medicine during Covid-19

As part of an inquiry into the Covid-19 “vaccinations”, the treatment and regulation of doctors cannot be overlooked.  Neither can the removal of medical procedures from the oversight of doctors who know their patients.  It is important to consider how many of those injured, possibly fatally, would have avoided their fates, had they been able to seek impartial, personalised advice from their doctors and receive fully informed consent. 

With the ‘safe and effective’ message being blasted by traditional media, government, influencers and social media, any voice of reason or caution was drowned out.  However, the authorities were not happy with even the small voices of individual doctors counselling their patients and calling for caution. 

Through means murky (although becoming clearer) the authorities, in particular the Medical Council of NZ, clamped down and did all in their power to silence those who had the best interests of their patients at heart. 

They silenced and censored those who had paid attention, and remembered their Hippocratic oaths and the tales of horror which lead to the Nuremberg trials.

At least 26 doctors are undergoing investigation for nothing more than raising concerns about the harms of the measures imposed on the population in the name of Covid and the safety of the Covid-19 injections. Moreover, the investigations have been going on for at least 18 months, during which time, most have been forbidden from saying anything contrary to the official guidelines.  How many individuals were injured as a direct result of these actions?

Of these 26 doctors, 6 were suspended.  At least a further 6 doctors under investigation and 1 not under investigation chose to surrender their registrations rather than continue to practice under an authority that had proven itself corrupt and certainly not in the interests of the citizens it purported to serve. This, in a time when New Zealand is facing a dire shortage of medical practitioners.

Why did the MCNZ not allow individual risk-benefit assessments, a cornerstone in the decision-making process when considering an intervention, especially an intervention that was to be given to healthy people?  Why did the MCNZ state in its guidance to doctors, that only the benefits of the injections were to be discussed, coercing an entire profession into contravening the Medicines Act?

It is a well-known dictum in safety systems that no rule applies in all circumstances.

This is why human factors are built into the safety systems for pilots, doctors, scientists and public authorities, making sure that colleagues can raise the alarm if they see something that may be unsafe.

This is why nurses can question doctors when they disagree with orders.  The ability to hold different opinions and question unsafe procedures is what keeps planes in the air, patients alive on operating tables and unborn children protected from toxins.

The actions of the MCNZ removed human intuition, intellect and morality from the table and, due to this, the means for medicine to function.

It is thus important that an inquiry into the safety and effectiveness of the Covid-19 “vaccines” consider also the silencing of doctors…

… who in the pursuit of ethics and safety for their patients, called attention first to the precautionary principle and then to the clear proof of tremendous harms from the “warp speed” products.