The wannabe President of New Zimbabawe.

by JC on the BFD

David Seymour has Labour cabinet minister Willie Jackson in a panic. ACT’s campaign launch was not to Willie’s liking. According to Willie, a vote for ACT is a vote for the far right. Not for one moment would Willie think a vote for him is a vote for the far left.

He’s not interested in taking a view on anything that might unite Kiwis. He, for his own purposes, wants to divide the country. He’s not doing it for Maori as a whole but for the Maori elite of which he and John Tamihere are a part. Hence their views on Three Waters. They want to charge the water entities that supply the water and will pass on any extra costs they inherit. We all, including Maori (although Maori may be exempt), will pay.

Willie says ACT are a dreadful reality this election. Mirror, please. Willie is the dreadful possible reality. He says ACT is dog-whistling with racist comments. Mirror, please. Willie says they’re doing this to gain the power to force National to adopt their far-right policies. Mirror, please. Willie seems oblivious to the fact that is exactly the tactic the Maori Caucus are employing with Labour.

With a PM as weak as Chris Luxon, Willie says David will get his far-right policies through. Willie laments that ACT wants to take billions out of government spending while slashing environmental and worker’s rights. He left out the word ‘wasteful’ re spending. They want to end the gun register; evidently the Police Association have described this as “a failure of responsibility”.

What Willie regards as most dangerous of all is that ACT want to take the Treaty of Waitangi to a referendum. They then want to renegotiate it without negotiating it with Maori! Mirror, please. I don’t recall any negotiations over Three Waters.

He says David wants to take the country back to 1839 and expects Maori to just accept it! Mirror, please. How many things put forward by the Maori Caucus have the rest of us just had to accept?

Willie says the level of protest this is going to spark off is simply not responsible government. Mirror, please. He says it is going to cause enormous suffering and a ferocious backlash as people start to comprehend what ACT intend to do. Mirror, please. The enormous suffering is already apparent, courtesy of his Labour Government, and that’s what ACT and National will have to sort out.

According to Willie, if you vote ACT this election you will own their radical agenda and if you vote National this election, you are empowering ACT to implement their radical agenda. Mirror, please. Most people think he’s the one with the radical agenda. Willie says this election is too important to allow ACT’s radical agenda to go unchallenged. What about your radical agenda Willie?