“I hope you are bringing me moar mahney, Justin.’ ‘Oh yes, I have plenty of Canadian taxpayer dollars for you Volod, my favorite crook.’
“This buffoon wants to teach us lessons” — a front page headline in an Italian newspaper.

According to Arab News:

Trudeau, 51, and Zelensky, 45, hugged each other and used each other’s first names as the Canadian leader made his second unannounced visit to Kyiv since full-scale war broke out in February last year. Canada, which hosts a large Ukrainian diaspora, has been one of Kyiv’s key allies since the Russian invasion.
It has provided Ukraine with significant military aid, trained more than 36,000 soldiers and adopted sanctions against Moscow.
Trudeau denounced Russia’s role in the destruction of the Russian-controlled Kakhovka dam in southern Ukraine on Tuesday.
The flooding from the breached dam has forced thousands to flee their homes and sparked fears of humanitarian and environmental disasters.
Ukraine accuses Russia of blowing up the dam, while Moscow says Kyiv fired on it.
In his daily address, Zelenksy condemned the “shameful indifference” from the international community to the fallout of the dam’s destruction, including the failure to “form and send a rescue mission to the occupied territory” or “come out with clear and strong statements condemning this latest Russian war crime.”
He urged international organizations to come to the aid of those in Russian-occupied territories.
Pledging $C 10 million ($US 7.5 million) in new funding for flood relief, Trudeau said the dam’s destruction was the “direct consequence” of Russia’s invasion.
“There is absolutely no doubt in our minds that the destruction of the dam was a direct consequence of Russia’s decision to invade a peaceful neighbor,” Trudeau said, adding Russia “will be held to account” for its actions in Ukraine.
The Canadian leader said he would provide $C500 million in new funding for military assistance to Ukraine.
He also pledged Canada would be part of the multinational efforts to train Ukraine’s fighter pilots.
Earlier in the day Trudeau placed flowers by a wall of remembrance displaying the faces of soldiers killed in combat while a military orchestra played.