But Leftists are like …

In a decent world, Zelensky and his cohorts, including his American and British ones would stand before a war crimes tribunal.

From Declan Hayes at strategic-culture.org:

The latest of a string of war crimes by the Zelensky junta will not stop the fate that awaits their rotten Reich.

Zelensky’s Nero Decree is now live. Zelensky’s Fourth Reich, taking a leaf out of Hitler’s play-book at the Oder and Neisse rivers, has flooded the Dnieper basin, with all the collateral damage German citizens had to suffer during the last weeks of Hitler’s 1000 year Reich. As Zelensky’s Nazis, together with their British SAS and Yankee Navy Seal buddies, have also blown up the Kupyansky ammonia pipeline, the end, perhaps even in the form of countless nuclear mushroom clouds, may well be nigh for all of us. Such is life.

Just as Hitler’s Oder and Neisse war crimes could not stop the Red Army, so also must this latest of a string of war crimes by the Zelensky junta not stop the fate that awaits their rotten Reich. Irrespective of whatever collateral damage the Zaporizhzhia nuclear power plant suffers and irrespective of whatever loss of human life this indiscriminate flooding causes, Zelensky and all others implicated in this war crime must be held to account, just as Himmler, who commanded the Reich’s Oder forces (before his gross ineptitude caused him to be replaced) was going to be held to account by the hangman’s rope at Nuremberg.

Not everybody agrees that the Ukrainian Nazis and their Anglo-American enablers, who have a track record of such outrages in Syria and Palestine, are the culprits. Retired American Army officer Douglas Macgregor thinks the dam’s destruction might have been due to the wear and tear of previous attacks on it and American puppet (and EU boss) Ursula von der Leyen predictably believes Putin did it.

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