by Geoffrey Churchman

A question that some have asked this week is, what are Chippy and Albo doing at the NATO Summit in Lithuania? Doesn’t that organisation’s name just say North Atlantic?

It does, but it’s obvious why — it’s now all about Globalism. NATO has become the military arm of the domineering other international organisations, the WHO, WEF and the UN. Dividing up the World into superpowers and their puppet states has been the ambition of the Obama and Biden administrations, and to some extent the Trump administration, not because of what Trump himself wanted, but because he surrounded himself with the wrong people.

Those who can remember the Cold War years know the major power blocks then; seperately the U.S/NATO, the Soviet Union/Warsaw Pact and China — the latter two Communist, although in later years there was a schism between them. In those days no-one in the West with any sense wanted communism, but today’s Russia isn’t communist and Vladimir Putin has recently made a speech acknowledging that the Marxist revolution of 1917 was a disaster for Russia, and Stalin’s deliberate famine in Ukraine in the 1930s was a disaster for that part of the Soviet Union.

Despite the name of its one Party, it’s hard to label China as communist today too — it’s raw capitalism for entrepreneurs with fewer safeguards and benefits for working class people than what they get in Jacindaland. It is, of course, an authoritarian state which keeps its citizens under close secutiny and control — criticism of what the government does is definitely not liked — but isn’t that the way Jacindaland, Canada, Australia, and to some extent, America, have been going in the last 3 years also?

All the claptrap about “freedom” from Zelensky and leading NATO figures rings hollow. It’s certainly not freedom for the middle and working classes who are now struggling with the cost of living thanks to the impact of Covidiocy, Climatism and now Joe’s war; the freedom is for the the Ruling Class — overseas the Billionairiat — to exploit, control and subjugate.

Joe’s war in Ukraine hasn’t gone well at all for the U.S. — most of the world, including all of the Middle East, even Israel and Saudi Arabia, have refused to be part of it. It’s also been a disaster for Ukraine: what was by far the most corrupt, poorest country in Europe is now well and truly Stuffed in every way. And the longer Joe and his handlers continue their war, ever more of Ukraine’s citizens will be kaput. Maybe that’s why the Biden administration wants NATO’s tentacles to expand.

Most Northern Hemisphere aggression in the last 30 years has not come from Russia but from the U.S. Democrats administrations. The U.S. willfully broke its assurance in the early 1990s to Russia that NATO would not be expanded eastwards, and then it willfully broke the Minsk agreements over non-expansion into Ukraine and assurances for Russia’s security interests. Not to mention the debacles of Afghanistan and Iraq.

In 2014 the Obama administration staged a coup d’etat in Ukraine to remove the pro-Russian government from power and install a pro-American one. At that time Russia decided it was time, as Maori radicals say, for “land back.” Crimea was given by Russia to Ukraine in 1954, they reclaimed it in 2014 after the U.S. coup d’etat. Likewise the Donbass region has historically been Russian, and following 8 years of persecution of its citizens by the U.S. puppet regime in Kiev — ditto.

NZ’s stance all along should have been one of neutrality and refusal to take sides, instead encouragement of the sides to make peace, the same as its stance on the Israel versus Palestinian conflict has been. There is no reason for NZ to be part of any foreign military alliance.

But I’m sure we’ll see expansion of U.S. military dominance in this part of the world as a mechanism of its hegemony; at least as things stand. If RFK Jr, Trump or DeSantis defeat Biden in 2024, that could change. The DNC’s power institutions are desperate to prevent that.