Kapiti Funeral Director Andrew Malcolm spoke in Johnsonville earlier in the month about what things have been like in the past 2 years. Our editors weren’t able to attend the talk, but here are a couple of reports:

Report 1.
“Firstly, he gave a bit of background about himself (unvaxxed), then how he dealt with the restrictions in his funeral home business, and also as a JP, and the bullying from authorities he experienced, even being approached by the anti-terrorism department!

The bit that was more shocking to me was the one around excess deaths, by region, the rise in what he called turbo cancer and the presence of blood clots (and another abnormality in the blood, can’t remember the name). He receives numbers from DIA, and there was no rise in national excess deaths until 2022. The year 2017 had actually recorded much higher with the bad flu in that year. The surprising fact is that no excess death rise was recorded in Kapiti (even though it’s generally an older age group) nor in Wellington. Other regions such as Manawatu have doubled the expected deaths number. People immediately made the connection with jab batches and that Wellington is where politicians work and/or live, along with the large number of civil servants/government consultants.”

Report 2.
“According to my notes, the description Andrew used for blood looking like coffee grounds was embolic clots. Although Andrew doesn’t do much embalming now, his daughter is an embalmer and she has reported a lot of her findings to her father. He was very critical of the government’s move to appoint coroner’s assistants to do some of the work coroners do (supposedly because they have so many inquests to deal with!).

Andrew pointed out that a coroner is a trained lawyer and knows how to investigate, whereas a “coroner’s assistant” wouldn’t have that experience and/or training. Andrew showed a graph (not sure if it was his own or taken from government/MOH website showing the national average of excess deaths which went up and up and then slowly down. The Wellington excess deaths (and Kapiti) showed as a steady level line showing no increases.

Andrew recommended Dr John Campbell (he has a YouTube channel and is always very careful about what he shares, not wanting to risk being shut down by YouTube) who had just drawn attention to the Denmark’s very recent issue of information batch differences. People might like to check that out for themselves. Some might not be aware that Dr John started out in favour of the jab but did a complete u-turn on that after talking to people with vax injuries and doing a lot of research. He’s extremely skeptical about the British government’s stance on the jab.

Incidentally, I since talked with a friend afterwards who lives in Feilding and she completely agreed with Andrew’s statement about the huge increase of deaths in Manawatu, saying they hear so many ambulance sirens nowadays and how much “busier” the funeral home seems to be that is located at the end of their long road into Feilding, so they drive past it frequently.”