Like the tough decisions I had to make as Minister of Finance in the early 90s, course correction is required, and fast. But at least my Fiscal Responsibility Act (still in place today) means that Grant Robertson cannot hide the scale of the problem.

The moment of truth arrives on September 12 when the Pre-Election Fiscal Update is required to be published. This means that an incoming Minister of Finance is not going to be ambushed by a nasty fiscal shock as I was. But deficit and debt shock it will surely be. We need to put the debt monster back in its box, stop wasteful spending, power up the productive sector, cease the self-harm of higher taxes and hold the politicians’ feet to the fire – its called accountability.

Right now, the public do not understand the seriousness of the situation New Zealand finds itself in. That’s why I’m asking you to join me in making a donation to the Taxpayers’ Union and this “debt clock” project.

A publication to the political insiders is not enough. We need your support to get the public to understand the scale of the problem. So my rallying call is to join the cause and donate to help stop the steal of our kids’ and grandkids’ future.

Click here to donate.

Thank you for your support, Hon. Ruth Richardson
Board Member, New Zealand Taxpayers’ Union