It looks like our overlords may be organising more fear tyranny.

From Eric Peters at

Disco Fever never made a comeback – but Sickness Kabuki just may.You can tell by watching and reading the predictive programming – e.g., CNN – brought to you by Pfizer. Which bought CNN and the rest of the corporate media shortly after it became legal for drug pushers to advertise on TeeeeVeeee.

Drug pushers have a lot of money to spend and they spent it buying advertising space on CNN, et al. They bought so much advertising that CNN, et al, found they had become, for all practical purposes, owned by the drug pushers.

They do not admit this, of course. That would be a firing offense (as per Tucker Carlson). But they do tell you who their owners are:

The advertorials are warning of an imminent “triple threat”: The ‘Rona rebooted (of course) plus the flu and Respiratory Syncytial Virus (RSV). It’ll take at least three “masks” to “stop the spread” of that. Many people are already wearing one, again. And hospitals are pushing them again, according to reports received by the writer of these reports. There are once again boxes of the Let’s Play Doctor gear at the places where doctors are – and various attendants “asking” that people play along.

They are not yet demanding – but how long will it be before they do?

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