Come and hear well-known historian Jock Phillips on New Zealand statues and monuments. 

  • Tuesday – 12 September 
  • starting at 7.30pm
  • at the Kapiti Uniting Church in Weka Road, Raumati Beach.
  • Everyone is welcome with a gold coin koha.

Monuments and History: Do our memorials and monuments provide New Zealanders with a fair sense of our history?

There has been much discussion internationally about the significance of public monuments especially concerning those memorials put up to people who were involved in the slave trade. In an illustrated talk, he will explore two issues in the context of the history of New Zealand.  

  • The first is whether our existing monuments are a fair reflection of the significant people and events in our shared history. 
  • The second is whether the monuments and memorials we do have give an accurate picture of the people or events they represent.  

Thanks to our August speaker – Andy Oakley

Andy gave a very interesting and challenging talk on his latest book The Alien Cell Hypothesis. His theory is that the alien cell arrived on Earth billions of years ago and has been the basis of all life. In his words he “offered a fresh perspective on the enigma of human existence. (He) explored the notion of purpose (telos) and dived into the profound question of what it truly means to be human, along with the potential of our ultimate destiny.”

Speakers for the next three months

  • Tuesday 10 October – Priscilla Williams on the 200th anniversary of Henry and Marianne Williams coming to NZ 
  • Tuesday 14 November – Chris Maclean on the history of Whitcombe and Tombs (to be confirmed)
  • Tuesday 12 December – Allen Carr on the New Zealand whaling industry (to be confirmed.)

If anyone has suggestions for speakers next year, let one of us know. We will get Priscilla Williams to take a session on the Bolton St Cemetery in 2024, if she is willing! Another possibility is David Grant on his impressive book on Jim Anderton.

Best wishes