And not just us: independent critics of this and other Leftist regimes in general.

The DIA and DPMC must have freaked out when they saw the volume of hits we got last year critical of the Jacinda government and its implementation of the Globalists’ agenda who are out to control and manipulate the people of the world as much as they can.

The consequence is clear to us: those two Departments must have told Google to downrank our posts in search results.

Here is what happens now when, for example, you type in the exact headline for this post:

TV1 and Stuff ‘Climate Change’ content was Labour government-paid Propaganda

In Google it just doesn’t appear (although on page 2 there is a similar post), neither does the Daily Telegraph article that we reposted:

but in Bing (part of Microsoft) it appears as the first result and the DTNZ article is second:

It doesn’t surprise: Google is the prime search engine that most people use and authoritarian governments like the one in Jacindaland know it — hence the reason why Google gets heavily leaned on to comply with Government censorship demands.

This is why readers, if they can’t afford to donate, can still help us by sharing our posts with the share buttons. Also you need to educate people not to use Google: Bing and DuckDuckGo are the biggest alternatives.