from Billy Te Kahika

Kia ora katoa e hoa ma — Good morning, dear friends!

After a year’s work filming 1800 minutes of interviews and conducting a deep investigation into the NZ Covid issue, we are ready to release Episode One of the River of Lies: The New Zealand Scamdemic this week.

This documentary is a 3-part series representing a graduating program of data release to educate people about how the New Zealand Government has harmed the people of New Zealand with its covid response measures. It is not about rabbit holes or conspiracy theories. It is about research discipline, solid data — mostly their data, that condemns their behaviour: authoritarianism, arrogance, conflicts of interest, contradictions, propaganda and maleficence at best or criminal activity at the other end.  All is revealed in a calm, data and evidence-driven way.

We are having a red carpet event at Rydges Hotel this Sunday for what will be a historic event.  In my view, never before has an investigative documentary like this been needed to hold accountable those who have committed serious mistakes or crimes and give people a sense of peace that accountability is being sought and the issues are being exposed. But this is where YOU will have to assess the data for yourself and make up your own mind.

Episode one opens your eyes in a profound yet gentle way to help people see what has been so obvious to many of us but not discerned by many Kiwis.

The three episodes cover huge ground. 

Episode 1 :- Examines and assesses the components of the Government’s covid-19 response plan and narrative; interviews and data that will amaze you.

Episode 2 :- Looks at the issue of the Covid Pfizer Comirnaty injection and the ‘vaccine’ issue in general: propaganda, conflicts of interest and evidence of untruthfulness from politicians, medical experts and mainstream media.

Episode 3 :- We take a deep dive into the dark world of Big Pharma and militarised medical companies, funding, corruption, connections and threads, ideology, propaganda and corrupt political, medical and academic sectors.

But firstly, we need your help to spread the message and to support this event.

I am delighted to announce that we have special guest speakers like Brenton Faithfull, Tiamara Williams and others at this event.

Please let Barbara Rasmussen know at — If you would like to book a ticket, we can also offer group discounts.

Thank you very much for your support, and rest assured — ’The truth is coming’.

Latest trailer:

Nga mihi / Kind regards,

It’s not the only documentary on the Jacinda government’s malfeasance that has been made regarding Covidiocy, but looks to be the most thorough. With a bit of luck, many showings may persuade wavering voters not to vote for the Reds. —Eds