And, of course, as most TV1 News & Newshub people are Labourites, it means them too.

Labour has no record to run on because they have not delivered what they said they would.

Now they’re desperate and their MPs and candidates have been caught out spreading misinformation.

Despite Chris Hipkins telling Kiwis he would put a stop to the flow of misinformation, Labour’s scare-campaign has continued with Michael Wood the latest Labour MP to repeat false claims about National.

With the polls opening in two weeks National is taking urgent action to correct the record.

We have launched a Get Back on Facts website to fight back against Labour’s misinformation.

Labour has misled the public on National’s positions on tertiary policy, tax policy, student loans policy, education policy, and winter energy payment policy, and much more.

Labour’s continued false statements show this is part of a carefully orchestrated scare-campaign because they are out of touch and out of ideas. 

An article by Rob MacCulloch on Newshub’s dishonest attempts

and an article by Michael Bassett