• Wednesday September 27
  • Southwards Car Museum
  • 7pm

Labour have been turning up with lots of very noisy supporters who cheer Labour and interrupt and ‘boo’ National [as is standard Leftist practice now; they don’t believe in Freedom of Speech for others].

Come along and bring some vocal support for National/Act and take the opportunity to ask questions, otherwise Labour supporters try and hog all the questions. National/Act want to talk about the key issues this election. The most common questions they get on the doorstep are

  • “why has it the cost of living got so expensive,”
  • “how do we stop the endless expensive bureaucracy in Wellington,”
  • “how do you fix our broken health system,”
  • “why did Labour cancel the expressway to Levin and oppose new ones like Transmission Gully,” and
  • “how do we stop all this crime in our community.”