Who would have thought? 🙂

from Te Pou

Kapiti Coast residents are disgruntled with the district council, according to the annual residents’ opinion survey, especially around the condition of local roads, how the council spends money and conducts public consultation.

Compared to 2021/22, the overall satisfaction with the Kapiti Coast District Council dropped from 70% to 64% at 2022/23. The numbers were published in a draft annual report tabled at a risk and assurance committee meeting last week.

Further numbers show the council was performing poorly at the survey’s three main areas: whether residents thought the council was value for money; if it was making good decisions; and if they were confident the district was going in the right direction.

Just 49% of the 800 survey respondents were happy that the council was demonstrating value for money – a drop from 54% at the last survey.

“The majority of residents were dissatisfied with the council’s decisions on how funds were used and the lack of opportunity to input into the decision process,” the report read.

Just 57% of those surveyed – down from 65% in 2021/22 – thought the district was going in the right direction, something the report noted it reflected “perceptions that the council lacks a clear vision and plan for the future”.

The idea that the council was making good decisions also took a hit, going down to 41% from 49%.

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