Part of Leftist ideology is unvetted mass immigration from the Third World, and why in America the Democrats were and are so hostile to Trump strengthening southern border defenses. Sweden has let this happen for the last 40 years and it is now a huge problem.

by Peter Imanualsen

After a brutally violent month in Sweden with shootings and bombings becoming almost a daily occurrence, Sweden has decided to crack down hard on the gangs responsible for the attacks.

This isn’t a new thing. Sweden has had problems with gangs for many years now. We have 61 no-go zones, some of which the police describe as “lawless areas”. Recently I wrote an article on the truth about the Swedish gang crisis

Things have become so bad that the police warned that the situation hasn’t been this dangerous since 1945 and that we risk a “systemic societal collapse” if things are allowed to continue. Sweden has a rape crisis. There was a whopping 52 098 reported rapes in the last 6 years. We have one of the highest rates of rape in the entire world.

In the first seven months of this year there were 101 bombings in Sweden. There were also 25 suspected bombing attempts and 70 bombing preparations. If you add these together, there has been 196. That’s almost one bombing/attempted bombings per day.

Just the other day, two people were taken to hospital after a family apartment building was bombed in the city of Södertälje. Images from the site shows big damage on the building with blown out windows.

The Swedish government has ordered the military to assist police in stopping the gangs. This comes after an escalating crisis where we have seen shootings every day, and bombings every other day.

Just recently a 25 year old woman was killed in a massive bombing that destroyed her house. “The situation in society is inhumane, unexplainable and limitless” – said police in Uppsala after the bombing.

“A week ago a 70 year old man went to a bar in Sandviken to spend time with his friends. He was not allowed to come home again. He was shot to death” said Prime Minister Ulf Kristersson.

Sweden has had to take the gang problem seriously. Sweden has 61 no-go zones where parallel societies have been forming, areas where the gangs have been taking control, areas that have become lawless.

“We have the system threatening organized crime, which not only has horrible consequences for victims, also in the long term threatens the safety of the public and for our open and free society.” said Justice Minister Gunnar Strömmer.

Now things are changing…

Sweden has announced they will be deploying the military to assist police in stopping the gangs. They want them to assist police with things like explosives expertise, helicopters and personnel.


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