The saying is that the first casualty of war is truth, and in 2022 we saw plenty of ‘Hollywood creations’ in Ukraine by the Zelensky regime with the CIA. It has inevitably resulted in much skepticism about what both sides in the Gaza conflict have been presenting via both the Legacy and social media. Muslim terrorists have no scrupples about dishonest propaganda, but the Biden administration can’t be trusted either as it is a major part of the Military-Industrial-Big pharma-Congressional Complex and spending money on armaments is fundamental to it. Any claim by the Netanyahu government that Biden/Blinken endorse just increases the doubt about its veracity.

We are literally watching an illusion each night by CNN journalists ducking and diving while they do their pieces to camera.

The war in Gaza is going into the history books for setting precedents for many things. But perhaps it might not be such a watermark which too many journalists will remind you about, but fake news on a whole new scale which we haven’t seen before, will be one of them.

How do westerners who watch their evening news take our mainstream media journalist in Israel seriously? Firstly, most of them aren’t even inside Gaza but comfortably ‘embedded’ with Israel’s IDF usually in lux accommodation which has been arranged for them, while IDF propagandists feed them nuggets of prepared fake news during the day while they dine as guests of the army.

Our western journalists are so embedded that what they are presenting is not even news each night but a narrative which they have been hearing all day and, in some cases, seeing. Part of the IDF’s mantra when handling the Press is to show them video clips they have in their possession. But so far there is no scepticism as to the validity of this material shown by the journalists. Remarkably, British journalists like Douglas Murray – who seems to be one of the very few inside Gaza – tell Piers Morgan during a live interview, while coming under fire, that the Palestinians deserve the absolute ‘collective’ obliteration as the raw video clips he saw of Hamas fighters on 7 October murdering Israeli civilians were doing so while showing ‘glee’.

This is a good example of what happens to a western journalist who gets too close to those doing the ‘media handling’. It’s subtle and you have to look closely, but there is a seamless transition from where the journalist crosses a line and becomes the propagandist for this hosts. Remarkably a couple of Palestinian Hamas fighters phoned their parents in a state of glee after they murdered Israelis and this is enough to dehumanize them and deem them worthy of mass annihilation.

And how can we even trust anything the IDF press team are feeding western journalists? Their track record is appalling when it comes to faking video and audio clips. The most recent IDF soldier showing us some hospitals where he shows what looks like a lift shaft but is presented as a Gaza tunnel might be regarded as par for the course. But wait. Soon our man is standing in the hospital where in one room some arms and ammunition is laid out on the floor. And we are expected to believe that this shows that Hamas was using the hospital as a base. Even the events of 7 October are still to be regarded with heavy scepticism when it is revealed that the so-called massacre at a music festival was actually done when the IDF arrived with tanks and shot at anyone driving in a panicky way in their cars to flee. Western journalists seldom report the policy that Israel has towards its own people who are taken captive: when possible kill them ourselves.

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