One of the things we noted walking around Waikanae streets these past couple of weeks is that lawns and gardens were looking very dry and in many cases grass had gone from green to brown.

This morning, after virtually no rainfall in January, we woke to rain and relief for that situation.

In one of the local papers the KCDC was crowing about the “success” of its water meters as consumption was down 20% on last year.

Our response is that when asked, most people will be responsible and will conserve water. There are some selfish types who only think of themselves and not the community, but how much water could they get through anyway?

The problem as stated in our campaign statements is that long term water supply planning has all but been ignored by the KCDC and with a growing population (hopefully on a small scale and not the massive scale proposal looked at in Friday’s post), there has to be some new catchment.  More on that soon.