This article in the latest issue of the Kapiti News reports that Transpower are only proposing to strengthen the pylons.

This is a disappointment, but not a surprise — like KiwiRail, Transpower is under orders from the present central government (the sole owners) that it must make profits and what Transpower proposes will be the cheaper option; putting the power lines underground would cost a lot more.

As well as the concerns mentioned in the article, we wonder how well the pylons and cables would cope in a bad earthquake, let alone a bad storm.

Presumably the alternative wanted only involves putting cables underground through populated areas and not the whole distance from Haywards to Bunnythorpe.

We well know how frustrating it can be dealing with those in charge of government bodies: “You peasants, how could you possibly know more than our expert who has a degree from some university and has spent 20 minutes thoroughly examining the issue” is an attitude we’ve encountered more than once; but the message is simply to persevere — just because you’ve lost a battle doesn’t mean you’ve lost the war.