Trickett latest

Hi Geoff,

That’s a shame, I was hoping you would get in. Heard your talkback on Beach FM a few weeks ago, you came across well, some of them are certainly egotistical and just after prestige am picking. Congrats on the upgrade %, you deserved it and more.

Please find attached the project I have been tied up with for some months, and
have enjoyed. Trust you and Eva are well.

all the best.



Thanks Wallace,

I’m not unhappy, it’s hard to criticise bodies when you’re a member of them.  Not that it has stopped some Councilors like Jackie Elliot and she’s been given a grilling for it. I suspect all the WCB candidates had time on their hands and wanted to do something useful, I wouldn’t be too judgemental about them.  If I had done more I could have polled higher, but it wasn’t a position worth devoting much effort to, not like the GWRC seat campaign that matters now.