Vote Dalek

by Geoffrey Churchman

Of the 10,040 voting papers sent out (net), only 3,314 were returned, a 33% participation which gives Apathy 67% of the vote.  While far from good, it wasn’t as bad as we had feared.

Of those who voted, primary votes cast were:

Jill Lloyd  1421

Jeremy Seamark  838

Geoffrey Churchman  555

Donald Carter  500

After distribution of preferences the final result was:

Jill Lloyd  1924

Jeremy Seamark  1163

Geoffrey Churchman  693

Donald Carter  500

That primary vote was actually 30 more than I got in the Councilor by-election in February, despite doing almost no electioneering, which shows a bit of progress 🙂  Jill Lloyd had the support of both Michael Scott and Sue Lusk of Destination Waikanae so her victory was almost certain.

However, unless the present incumbents make bad decisions, I won’t be standing for a local seat again.  The most important immediate need is better public transport in Waikanae and north of Waikanae, and the ideal forum for that is next year’s election for a seat on the Greater Wellington Regional Council.

~Geoffrey Churchman