Some of those who drive past the triangle of land beside SH1 at the north entrance to Paraparaumu, formed by Rimutaka and Ruahine Streets, will have noticed a couple of train carriages recently placed there.  Your roving reporters went to find out more.

The owner is Chris who hails from east London, England and works in public transport in Wellington, a subject he takes a hobby as well as professional interest in. He has been turning two electric multiple unit cars of the Wellington system English Electric stock from the 1940s, now all withdrawn, into a train-themed restaurant. (If you’re wondering about the colour, the first 6 units on the Johnsonville Line in 1938 were painted dark blue with a silver stripe along the sides, but these were repainted red after a few years, and all the EE cars after these were painted red.)

Menus are being developed based on great world train journeys such as the Orient Express and the Trans-Siberian Express.  He wants part of the space in the cars to be a mini-museum and asked if we can help, which we will be happy to do.

The two cars are on each side of a wooden platform (visible in the pic) and this space will double as outdoor seating and standing space for entertainment as required.

An opening date isn’t far away.