WaikanaeExpresswayOverpassThis afternoon we went along to the council drop-in session on traffic management and transport.

There is quite a lot to report on, so we will split it into a few posts.

The above picture is an artist’s impression of how the Expressway overbridge will look at Te Moana Road looking east towards the hills.  The northbound on-ramp starts on the left while the northbound off-ramp comes out on the right.


This map shows the interchange from above, the top of the map is the West (beach) side of it and the bottom is the East (hills) side of it.  South is on the left and North is on the right. Not so visible, but on the map is a cycleway planned for the east side of the southbound on and off-ramps.  This will cross Te Moana Road by the southbound on and off-ramps.


This map had vehicles per day estimates post-Expressway completion as post-it stickers, some of these figures are:

Heperi Street: 500 vehicles per day

Tutere Street: 1500

Ono Street: 600

Te Moana Road (west end) 5300

Te Moana Road (between Rauparaha and Lavina) 6000

Te Moana Road interchange: 10,000

Ngarara Farms (the Maypole company subdivisions) 1500

Park Avenue: 4000

Ngaio Road: 3000

Te Moana Road at SH1: 5000 (after the Expressway opens)

It seems officials think the Expressway will only take about half the traffic that goes over the present SH1.  It will need to be maintained to its present standard after the Expressway opens, as it is supposed to provide an alternative if the need arises (as in a major accident or incident).