2015 Xmas Tree

a photo taken in Manchester Cathedral, England, sent to us by Barbara and Eddie

This year we met and made many new friends in Waikanae and we thank both our election campaign supporters and those who have contributed to this blog.  (And to a handful of opponents, we hope your New Year’s resolution will be, ‘I resolve to change my ways and try to be a good citizen from now on.’)

The year began with the council seat by-election, then another election for the WCB and the campaign to oppose the Wellington ‘supercity’ proposal, which was successful.

In Waikanae the Melt Café disappeared as did the Waikanae Hotel, both for traffic needs.

The Waikanae River recharge system was opened and ideas have firmed up on what happens post-Expressway opening. The latter is most significant as its impact and that of the neighbouring Maypole company development will be substantial. In fact we are nearing the end of an era in Waikanae and the beginning of another.

Next year will see the general elections for local councils and we make no secret that we’d like to see a few councilors of the KCDC replaced.  Whether we remain passive observers or participate in that process is a decision that will be made next year.

Have happy and safe holidays.