Trawler 'Phyllis', run ashore, near the mouth of the Waikanae River 1956

The Phyllis wreck site is approximately 300 metres north of the Olliver Grove Beach access.

According to a report on archaeological sites prepared for the GWRC in 2013 (here, pdf):

“The Phyllis (No. 132426) was a single screw steel hull steam trawler of 158 tons (65 tons net register), of dimensions 96.1 ft. length, 19.5 ft. beam, and 10 ft. depth. It was built as the Star III for the Alaskan Star Whaling Company, of Seattle, and subsequently purchased by the Rosshavet A/S. Sandefjord, Norway and operated as part of a whaling fleet in the Ross Dependency, based at Stewart Island. At the time of wrecking the vessel was owned by Cook Strait Fisheries Ltd. The wreck is largely buried in the sand and only a small portion of the boiler is currently visible. The lower portion of the hull is likely to be preserved beneath the sand.”

The report also gave the trawler’s history — three extracts:

“1912 Vessel built as Star III at the Framnâes Mechanical Workshops, Sandefjord, Norway and assembled at the Seattle Construction and Dry Dock Co, Washington, USA. Owned by the Alaskan Star Whaling Company, Seattle.

1945 Purchased by Cook Strait Fisheries, returned to civilian duties and registered 1/1945 Wellington.

1954 Wrecked on Waikanae Beach (8.6.1954). Cut down to beach level.”