See the post from last month on KCDC’s boss Dougherty’s decision to prosecute Dr Bolton for visiting the council offices in Paraparaumu to pay his rates and water bills (Dougherty had earlier served him with a trespass notice covering the whole building).

In 2014 when we successfully took a certain local property businessman to court, we experienced staff inepitude there, too.


At a hearing on 18 May, the KCDC boss Dougherty’s trespass charge against Dr Bolton was dismissed.



Porirua District Court

Police prosecutor

I was summoned to appear for entering a plea at the Porirua District court on 5 April 2016. I spoke with a duty solicitor. She was going to enter the plea.
After waiting for around an hour, the solicitor spoke with the Police prosecutor and found that my name or file was not present.

I inquired with Kapiti police, and have been given another date for appearance;
12 April 2016.

What recompense, especially in terms of addressing ineptitude, will be made? My wife suffers from essential tremor which is aggravated by stress. I suffer from high blood pressure. We traveled from Paraparaumu to reach court by 9.00.

Councillor Dr David Scott, JP, who has sat on the bench of that court, took time
from his very busy daily schedule to be present in my support.

That the police even accepted this vexatious complaint from the Kapiti Coast
District council CE Mr Dougherty is appalling per se: having been arrested
for supposed ‘willful trespass’ for paying my rates and water bill, and
detained for 2 hrs 30 minutes at Kapiti police station; most of that time
was spent trying to get the finger printing machine operative.

Is police prosecution going to recompense both Dr Scott and myself for petrol costs?
What recompense am I and my wife going to receive for the stress this nonsense places on us? What recompense are you able to give Dr David Scott for this waste of time?

Dr K.R. Bolton

11 Beachwater Gro

Paraparaumu Beach