Cr Holborow is the only remaining member of Mayor Church’s ‘inner-core’

It’s a move that has surprised our contributors since Cr Holborow was one of the ‘inner core’ (as described by Guru) of the 5 councilors selected by previous Mayor Church to sit on his ‘CE Employment and Performance Committee’ which made the controversial decision in May last year to reappoint Dougherty.  As reported, Guru challenged his exclusion, along with that of the other 4 excluded councilors, in the High Court and won.

It could be that Guru considers Holborow will be less problematic on-side than off-side.  It’s not good news, however, for those who want to see a reduction in the ever-increasing imposition that the KCDC has been making on ratepayers. Since 2008 the annual expenditure of the council with Dougherty in charge has risen from $41 million to $70 million — an increase of 70% as against general CPI inflation of 14%.