I thought you might want to know that public speaking time at the beginning of the meeting is not recorded, no minutes are kept and it is not live streamed.
So — how does one go about getting important issues on public record?

— Salima Padamsey

Extending the live streaming and minute taking to the public speaking time would seem an easy thing for the council to do. The council’s statement is below – [Eds]

Just to confirm:
· the Public forum will take place from 9.25 am – 9.55 am before each Council and major Standing Committee meetings (Strategy & Policy, Operations & Finance)
· not recorded
· not live-streamed
· no Council staff present
· whatever is discussed during the Public Forum is not put on public record
The Public Forum provides an opportunity for people to speak on items not on the agenda to the Mayor and Councillors and saves having to wait till the end of the meeting to speak. The Public Forum has replaced items not on the agenda.