Just like Kapiti, America needs new infrastructure and it was what Trump made a big focus of during the last 12 months, although it was ignored by the media which almost exclusively concentrated on his personality.

Of course, that’s going to involve a lot of government spending and how much money the Congress is going to give him for it remains to be seen.  Some can be got from reforming government, particularly from reducing the huge amount spent on the Pentagon.  Again though, how much the Congress will let him do remains to be seen.  Like Kapiti, America needs fewer bureaucrats and more people doing things in the field.

Someone in Dairy Flat now has $44 million (near to what the KCDC spends on salaries and Auckland-based consultants a year) to build or buy a Trump style mansion.  Did we contribute to that by buying a ticket?  No.  Like newsreader Peter Williams, we think Lotto tickets are a tax on stupidity.