‘You are a moron, Gareth Morgan.’

Like other neighbours we regularly get cockroaches and mice coming into our place from the Parkwood property renting business.

This is where our cat Gingernut performs a valuable service dealing with both: with large cockroaches he flips them over on their backs so they can’t go anywhere, and he does what hunter cats do with mice.

A couple of days ago we found the mouse shown above on our cat-themed mat in the kitchen, exactly like this. 🙂

Cats also make lovely companions and the SPCA on SH1 at the northern entrance to Waikanae has plenty for adoption — why not visit them to adopt one?  Cats don’t need much looking after; occasional de-flea ointment and a de-worming pill is about all they need in addition to food, water, and comfortable places to snooze.