the bridge as it looked after the little taggers [insert your synonym] had been at it last year.

from Sue Lusk:-

Resene has been brilliant with paint supplied for the road bridge (and the green they supplied is good for utilities boxes) — they tried to help with a dark brown but because it is always a matter of what is returned to them and what colours are mixed together, the “mid brown” they sent was the wrong colour and would look like patchwork on the railway bridge (you know how the brake linings discolour the pillars a deep rusty brown?) We tried to match the prevailing dark brown/rust colour and it is very effective but HARD to cover the rotten finish on the pillars; I’d love to plaster them properly!

We have profusely thanked Resene both by e-mail and with publicity in the paper and on Destination Waikanae. They really have been so helpful!

P.S. If you know any community group painting a hall or club rooms cack brown, I have 20 litres of it in the garage!!