This was scheduled for last Tuesday, but it seems it was postponed due to illness by one or more of its members.

The three items of interest are:

  1. names for the first new streets in the Maypole company development,

2. the siting of bus stops on the new bus routes in Waikanae, and

3. the positioning of that welcome sign.

We’ll comment more on the Maypole company development soon, and the siting of the new bus stops when they are confirmed.

The document for the ‘Welcome to Waikanae’ signs shows the possibility of putting them on the northbound and southbound ‘Ewy’ off-ramps, where the red dots are on the map below.

This would require permission of the NZTA on whose land they would be and Resource Consent, presumably from the central government.

The other option is simply to place them where the hitherto existing signs have been on SH1.

It would make sense to have both.