The Association’s President Trevor Daniell says:

“Queen Elizabeth Park is a reserve set up for the purpose of recreation and for the health and welfare of the population. Farming and the associated drainage of wetlands and industrial spraying of pesticides and herbicides have no relation or benefit for this purpose.

“Greater Wellington Regional Council has justified the action, stating the spraying stops weeds hindering public access and enjoyment (Kapiti News 23 August). It is not the weeds hindering public access to much of the Park, but farming and farm fences.

“Spraying is killing any form of native re-growth such as Manuka and Kanuka seedlings, which is re-establishing in areas not farmed. Gorse, which is also sprayed, is recognised as playing a valuable role in protecting young native seedlings.

“The low lying areas of QE Park were extensively drained for farming over 100 years ago. We are now at a turning point and the huge wetland areas of the Park must be restored for the long-term health and future of the Park and human recreational activities.”

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