A little disappointing, but keep trying!

Ngā Manu Photo Safaris

After working hard to complete my pre-safari briefing presentation on time, it was a little disappointing to have no takers for the first of 10 Photo Safaris at Ngā Manu Nature Reserve on Saturday 30 September.  I was aware that there had been no advance bookings for the first session but I had hoped there might be a few “walk ins” on the day.  However, it’s not really too surprising, it was the first day of the school holidays and I expect most were taking advantage of the first day of down-time and having a lie-in.  There was also a sharp shower late morning which may have put some off.  Perhaps Monday (2 October) will see a few more budding photographers.

On realising that I was not exactly snowed under, Rhys, the head conservation officer, asked if I would photograph the autopsy that he was about to perform on the…

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