BNZ Waikanae 1952

Not a joke: this was the Bank of New Zealand in Elizabeth Street, Waikanae, where the Matenga Garden Centre was located later, taken by an Evening Post photographer on 28 August 1952.

The agency was first opened on 20 October 1909 as a result of a signed petition from the Waikanae residents requesting local banking facilities. The bank functioned on a weekly basis until January 1917 when it closed as a result of staff shortages due to WWI. The bank did not re-open until 1 August 1946, though it still functioned as a receiving branch for Otaki.

On 4 August 1960, new premises from Levin were shifted to Waikanae replacing the building in the photograph (which was a hairdressing and shoe repair shop prior to becoming the bank). On 5 September 1968, the parent branch changed from Otaki to Paraparaumu, and on 11 March 1975, the Waikanae BNZ became a full branch employing six staff members including the Manager.

In 1982 the premises were enlarged to double the previous size and staff numbers increased to 10, including the manager.