Waiky Beach SUV

This might look like a good promo photo for a motor vehicle importer, but the vehicle shouldn’t be there.

In its reply last month the council said that 16 permits had been issued for supposedly ‘handicapped’ whitebaiters and people who wanted to install or repair their own seawalls to drive vehicles onto the beach.

The whitebait season is now over and there are no seawalls in this area — or any need for them.

If you see any vehicle in this area that isn’t an emergency service one, report details to the council, ideally with a photo.


In the comment, a reader says that the council protests that it has no power to issue moving vehicle infringement notices — that is the responsibility of the police.  You would think that the presence of a vehicle, moving or not, is a breach of the bylaw, however the answer is to send reports to both.