We gather the total number in the lagoons was 47 and 2 have been left there — “although KCDC are reporting the intentional leaving behind of the 2 female geese on their website, in fact 1 escaped and the other was left to keep the escapee company.”


The Kapiti Coast District Council and animal welfare group Helping You Help Animals (HUHA) captured the birds after complaints from residents that the geese were roaming the neighbourhoods in gaggles, looking for food.

Council spokesperson Rob Cross said the geese were dumped illegally at the Waikanae lagoon a few years ago but had now out-stayed their welcome.

“Initially the residents liked them, it was a bit of a novelty, but of course they started breeding and the numbers built up over the years and although we’ve tried to control them–tried to control their breeding success–it’s a pretty difficult thing to do and slowly the numbers have crept up and as their numbers have grown the residents around the Waimanu lagoon have become less and less tolerant of their presence– mainly because of the droppings.

“Last year, we started to receive a few complaints as the numbers crept above the 40 mark and we started receiving more complaints after Christmas because a lot of the grass around the lagoon died off and the geese were hungry and they started to roam the neighbourhood in a couple of gaggles that people took exception to.”

He said the geese were friendly, and there had been one complaint of ‘fowl-play’.

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