This Reserve is in Paraparaumu, not Waikanae, but those who have been motivated to check out other reserves in Kapiti from this past week’s publicity will likely have noticed this one on the map.

Media release from the KCDC.

kaitawa-bridge-1-13.9.17-3 (1)Kaitawa Reserve bridges are getting upgrades this month and through April and will be closed to reserve users while Kapiti Coast District Council gets underway with refurbishments to improve safety and usability. Alternative access to the park will be via the local road.

The wooden bridge upgrade will use a 99% recycled product called Enduroplank, which has already been used successfully on another bridge in the park late last year.

Parks and Recreation Manager Alison Law says the cost is similar to wood products, however, the major benefit is the longer life span of 40 years and built-in tread.

“The first bridge has proven the increased slip resistance of this product in this shaded, damp environment,” she says.

Physical works will consist of fencing the site off, putting up scaffolding, removal of the treads, addition of an additional wooden beam, laying of tread and construction of a wooden handrail that meets higher safety standards.

Residents and reserve users will need to access the park from the road during the works which should take four to six weeks.

A smaller metal bridge located in the southern part of the reserve will also be closed for a couple of weeks during the same period while under panels are removed and refurbished.