This was held in the Baptist Church complex in Te Moana Road, one of two designated Emergency Hubs in Waikanae — the other is the Memorial Hall.  The Reikorangi Community Hall is also so designated.

The Baptist Church complex seems ideal as a hub as it was only opened in September 2014 and meets 100% of the Earthquake Code.  They think that in an emergency like that of the 2011 earthquake in Christchurch it could provide emergency shelter for 1,000 people.

After a sausage sizzle, the 80 or so who showed up were divided into two groups: pretend Hub Helpers and pretend Help Seekers.

A scenario was described that could apply after a bad earthquake near Waikanae and each of the Helpers assigned a role — the Reception and Information/Notice Board roles being the most important.  Notice boards for needs and providers of those needs are fundamental.

The Help Seekers would be dazed and confused, needing a variety of things: first aid, shelter if their houses were uninhabitable, and those just wanting to find out what is going on.

The scenario painted was a bit scary, but you need to prepare for the worst: smashed up roads, no telephones, power, running water, sewerage and so on.

After about 40 minutes of action a debrief was held where attendees imparted what they had learned.

Websites: happens.nz  neighbourhoodsupport.co.nz