Reichskanzlei 2

We’ve now heard that from two separate, reliable sources.  On 26 February we noted that a vacant section in Weggery Drive, Waikanae, was going to be sold off and observed, “There doesn’t seem to be anything potentially controversial about it.”

However, the latest proposals are much more extensive and clearly are potentially controversial from the fact that they are getting “hush, hush, top secret” treatment from the KCDC bureaucratic elite.  They are obligated to tell the councillors their plans, but they don’t want the Ratepayers who fund their existence to know.

So what could be next? The council’s Social Housing as happened in Horowhenua?  The reticulated water supply?

The first would upset quite a few people, but the second would cause a major uproar.  Nevertheless, it was the real reason for the Dougherty+Rowan water meters: they make privatisation further down the track a whole lot easier.

Any councillor who votes for that shouldn’t expect to be re-elected so it probably wont happen before October next year, but it’s another reason why the water meters must go.