By Sue Lusk

After a bit of a battle over the last year or so [more like 3 years — Eds], Waikanae Health at the Beach is opening on Monday — we hope it will make life a lot easier for residents down at the beach, particularly those for whom getting up to the town centre was becoming a struggle.

If you are enrolled with Waikanae Health staff will be able to access your information, and you do not need to re-enrol (new enrolments are of course, welcome). All of Waikanae Health‘s existing partners will do sessions at Waikanae Heath at the Beach, and there are two newer doctors, Dr Anouk Balster and Dr Ram Naidu who will be anchor doctors down there. Keep checking back on Waikanae Health’s facebook page, as they apparently have some exciting developments in the pipeline.  🙂

Waikanae Heath