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Our comments

Most of the above can be readily agreed with, but there are some question marks:

A new library

Although it’s a horrible contemplation, you can help wondering what percentage of the population will still read books 10 years from now and whether there is thus any need for a new library.


Economic development

Simplified, this seems to say “we want to see more tourists arriving in the town centre”, which is in essence what Destination Waikanae has been trying to achieve for the past 4 years.  The question that raises in turn is, “what is there to attract them”?  That’s been regularly posed on here since this blog began, with some ideas. The Marae and a new Mahara Gallery have that potential, and more attractive open areas should help.

Bus route via Rymans

The consideration is good in principle and the lack of potential inclusion of the whole Waikanae North development in public bus coverage seems to be a lack of foresight by the council planner(s).

However, Rymans has its own regular courtesy bus for tenants to the town centre, so the need for a public bus isn’t great and the cost stated of widening the streets can’t allow it feature highly on an infrastructure priority list.

While on that general subject, you wonder if the council planners have similarly given any thought to future public transport needs in the massive Maypole company subdivision.

Waikanae Park

Does it need an “adult exercise gym” when these exist in the town centre?  Why the need for a $25,000 barbecue in the park?  Wouldn’t a food truck or two meet any catering need?

Waikanae Beach hall

The existing hall isn’t great and there should be a better one.  Gerald Rys of the local Beach Society said at the WCB meeting on Tuesday that the additional proposed rates in the Beach Zone will bring in $750,000 in the next financial year, so it’s only fair that they be used for the benefit of those in the Beach Zone.  Together with proceeds from selling the existing hall, there should be enough to do that over the next 2 years.