Dear Stuart Kilmister,
We refer to the page headed “Ngaio Road cycling and walking improvements” on the KCDC website and the invitation on it to comment.

As is usually the case with council “communcations” the information provided is vague.

However, we assume that proposed new expanse of concrete will be 2.5 metres wide as measured from the existing kerb on the south side of this road, will commence at the intersection with Marae Lane and extend 800 metres to the west of that point.

If that is the case we see no point in it. The existing footpaths (sidewalks) on each side are adequate for pedestrians to use safely.  This must mean you consider the street unsafe for cyclists and mobility scooter users. Why?

And why would your proposal make it any safer?  The people on your concrete strip are still going to encounter conflicting road traffic at the intersections you mention and pedestrians who will probably not respect any lines you may intend to paint along the middle of your 2.5-metre-wide strip.  Cyclists and scooterists will need to avoid pedestrians.

Why do you consider the existing 50 km/h speed limit on this street to be too high?  Why was this street not included in the speed limit review if you are concerned?

Why are you only proposing to treat the south side of the road in this fashion?

Have you conducted any counts of pedestrians and cyclists using this road during a typical weekday and a typical weekend day?  If so, what are they?

We are opposed to the arbitrary removal of street trees as you propose.  We believe the objective should be to do the opposite.

We recommend instead you address the need for road development and improvements in Waikanae and use the offered funds from the central government for this.

Yours sincerely,
Geoffrey & Eva Churchman