Hi All,

Thanks for taking the time last Tuesday to meet with us regarding the Waikanae Town Centre design. As discussed, we will be investigating the following action points relating to the design:

  1. Investigate the Ngaio Road intersection to understand the following:

o   Whether it could be left as it is (as a priority junction)

o   Or changed to a roundabout with a separate signalised pedestrian crossing, a suitable distance either side of Ngaio Road

  1. Investigate the SH1 Northbound lanes from Elizabeth St to Ngaio Road, whether it could be a two lane carriageway instead of the one lane proposed (to reduce through traffic being delayed by parking vehicles reversing into spaces)
  2. Look at the bus stops on SH1 Southbound between Ngaio Road and Elizabeth Street

o   Understanding if we have adequate numbers

o   Investigating the level of safety of people waiting for buses, particularly school children

  1. Investigate the phasing of the Elizabeth St signals to give adequate time for Right hand turns out of Elizabeth Street.

Once we have gone through our investigations we will look to arrange a meeting with the same attendees in approximately 4 weeks’ time.

Kind Regards,

Jerrell Bagsic / Project Manager

Response from David Sherar and Margaret Delbridge:

Hi Jerrell,

Thank you for e-mail and updating us all on your proposed action investigation regarding the Waikanae Town Centre revocation design.  We did certainly appreciate NZTA’s commitment to holding the meeting and your willingness to look at this seriously.

There are 2 important action points missing that need to be part of your investigation.

  1. Change parallel parking to angle parking on west side of SH1 North bound lane from Elizabeth to Ngaio Road.  The business people certainly want angle parking and as said we believe that it was 50/50 in the survey because 81% said there want SH1 left as is.  From many comments we have had, if we had asked “Do you prefer angle or parallel parking” angle would have come in with a resounding “yes”
  2. Remove cycle lane along SH1 from Te Moana to Ngaio and put in better location.  Either down Marae Lane or through the car park on corner Te Moana and SH1 past Whakarongotai Marae along cultural thread walkway onto Marae Lane then onto Ngaio Road shared path.

Regarding your action points raised we would like to make the following comments to your point 1.

We do not want traffic lights at Ngaio Road.  Only 63 people out of 952 agreed or accepted having traffic lights in our survey. That’s 6.7%, which I think gives a very resounding NO response.

Re separate signalised pedestrian crossing. Please remember many people cross SH1 from the train and the pedestrian rail crossing from Pehi Kupa Street on the east side of the rail line to go to New World.

We look forward to the next meeting and would appreciate if you would please forward us the results of your investigations prior to the meeting so we can look through them.

Kind Regards