Sitka forest loo

Actually a little loo a.k.a. “restroom” or in Canada, “washroom” (which sounds like a laundry room!)

This relates to a post on a new FB page, “Spotlight on Paraparaumu and Raumati,” that Bernie Randall has set up following his dumping by Jonny Best as editor of the Paraparaumu-Raumati Community Board FB page (which will now probably go the way of the WCB one, which has had only 9 posts this year, 5 of them reposts from the KCDC site.)

“Community Board member Bernie Randall is urging the community to support iconic toilets at Maclean Park.

“The current toilets are a local and national disgrace. He believes if the toilets were iconic they could become a tourist attraction like the Far North Hundertwasser toilets.

“In the meantime, he suggests hiring a local artist to paint them. Look what Benneydale, population 200, managed to achieve.”

Like bus stop shelters, it’s an opportunity to create both public amenities and public art.  Local volunteers can do that for minimal expense to the ratepayer.