We’ll skip the controversial Te Moana Road to Martin Street section changes for the moment as discussions on it are still happening.

Martin Street is the first intersection encountered on the left after passing New World.

As for south of the town centre, the main change is the repainting of the traffic lanes to include the Politically Correct lane for cyclists on each side.

After Hemi Street, the next intersection on the left, you’ll need to slow down to 80 km/h because of the narrowed traffic lanes.

The following NZTA statements are reproduced verbatim:-

  • New road layout to suit the traffic movements and lower traffic volumes since the Expressway opening.
  • Re-configuring the road markings to cater [for] a single traffic lane and an on-road cycle lane in both directions.
  • The street parking along the west side to be retained.
  • Widening the road/pavement on both sides to accommodate the on-road cycle lanes. The property driveways from 9 to 55 Main Road will be reinstated.
  • New drainage infrastructure in the locations of the pavement widening.
  • Reducing the speed from Hemi Street to the Peka Peka Link Road from 100km/h to 80km/h.
  • New road signage appropriate for a local road.
  • Waikanae-Main-Rd Martin Street

    As it looks now

  • Waikanae-Main-Rd Martin Street proposed

    After narrowing the road traffic lanes to include the cycle lanes